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Being visible on Facebook is the goal that everyone would like to achieve, post a post and see it full of comments, however if your page does not have tens of miles of likes it is not so easy. The Facebook comment increase service is for you if you want to immediately give the impression that your post is interesting (You will be amazed after the first comments how many people will spontaneously leave theirs!) english Facebook that you will receive are permanent will not disappear after a day or after a week . This is precisely why they are guaranteed . . Magic Viral provides quality english Facebook Comments , real and with active profiles.

How does the english comments increase service work and what does it include?

The english comments increase service includes:

  • 100% guaranteed feedback
  • 100% real, english and active fans
  • Activation in 3/4 days
  • Your page and post will be much more credible
  • Delivery within the time indicated You can provide your texts
  • You can indicate the text you want to see published
  • Assistance dedicated to the number +39 055.7478543

What are the activation and delivery times for the service and how does it work?

Each of our Fans is a real person, so we suggest you keep the page active with engaging content to create interest in those who read you. Thanks to a network of english active profiles we are able to leave english comments under your posts. Once the purchase order has been made for a certain number of english facebook comments, you must specify the and specify the link of your post and when purchasing, write that we will have to take care some texts to insert or you can write and provide us directly with the texts for your comments, in this case, you just need, after the purchase, to send us an email containing your order number through our contact form or directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will publish those texts. The activation times of the service are 2/3 days, the comments will be inserted gradually at a rate of 2/3 comments every 3 days in order to make the service as natural as possible. It is possible to indicate in the notes field different delivery times more or less fast and if possible we will follow the instructions provided.


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