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With professional management of your page, you can increase its visibility, notoriety, customers and turnover. The service in question guarantees a natural increase in likes and interactions on your Facebook page, thanks to an effective marketing campaign where the goal is what counts. Social profiles, if managed with continuity and quality, generate more interest than others. Through the editorial staff, expert in the use of every social network, we are able to study a complete editorial plan for your company that allows your facebook page to become a real point of entry and sale of your products or services.


The Facebook page management service includes:

  • If necessary, any modification of the cover photo of the page;
  • Writing 20 posts a month to promote company products or retain new customers
  • Post including photo or link.
  • Possibility of creating specific posts for dedicated promotions on request.
  • Analysis and reporting of the work done every month that can be viewed on the insigns of the Facebook page.
  • If necessary Review of the information content of the page;
  • If necessary Insert call to action;
  • Study of an editorial plan complete with curious or funny news to engage the reader and make the page more viral, informative news to give value to the page and promotional news to transform an access into a useful contact
  • Guarantee of increased engagement.
  • Analysis of the best time to post on the page
  • Telephone number available to request direct changes or additions (+39 055.7478543)


The service is activated in 2/3 working days after sending the editorial plan and after its confirmation drawn up by our editorial staff and discussed with the customer. Post writing covers the whole week. The editorial staff will insert one post a day from Monday to Friday and every week will already publish those of the following week in order to give it the opportunity to approve and verify them before publication online. To be able to activate us as page managers, the email of the Facebook expert technician who will follow it must be activated as an "administrator". Once the technician has received your order request, he will insert like on the page indicated after which we will send you an email where we indicate the box to be added as administrator and an editorial page to be confirmed. After its confirmation, the management will be activated and will proceed for the entire period indicated without interruptions.


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