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Pay per click (PPC) is a method of purchasing and paying for online advertising. The advertiser pays a unit rate in proportion to clicks, i.e. only when a user actually clicks on the advertisement. Thanks to pay to click campaigns you can increase the awareness of your company, brand awareness, sales or intercept new customers.The pay to click works very well however in order not to waste even a euro of your budget it is necessary to rely on professionals who can guarantee you a activation of the advertising campaign without errors and settings that allow you to optimize each click.
Google ads, Bing adv, Facebook adv or Linkedin ads and all the other sites make it possible to manage targeted promotions able to communicate only with users who are showing interest in what we offer and with totally customized budgets. In fact, the budget has no constraints. The beauty of these promotions is just that. The campaign is immediately active and immediately brings results and can be used by both large multinational companies and small individual businesses.

What does the Pay per Click service include?

The pay-to-click service includes:

  • Immediately reach your audience at a very low unit cost
  • Your budget will be spent only to optimize the clicks received, you will not waste even 5 cents!
  • You can select the age group, location and gender of who you want to reach
  • Activation in 4/5 days from order receipt
  • Immediate promotion and very high response, once the campaign has been set up you can manage it independently without any other expenses on our part
  • Guarantee of the result, you will reach the expected goal in a short time, monitoring the results of the campaign in real time.
  • Immediate promotion and very high response
  • Telephone assistance (+39 055.7478543) or chat assistance

What are the delivery and activation times for the Pay per Click service and how does it work?

Once we have purchased the service, we will immediately take action to create the best possible promotion campaign. A technician will contact you and within 4/5 days your promotion will be ready to produce results. We will ask you to provide us with access to your social account or reference site to link the campaign carried out to your account. Once the platform has accepted the promotion, you will start seeing clicks and new contacts. The campaign will be set on your goals. Each campaign has a setting period ranging from 4/5 days to 15 days and includes 2 hours of expert technical assistance (including the actual work of setting up the campaign) to be used by email or by phone. produce clicks immediately. After 15 days you can either continue to use the promotion alone at no additional cost from us or purchase the monthly promotion management which includes 4 hours of technical assistance.


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