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The increase direct visits from Google service allows you to receive many targeted visits right from Google and precisely for the keys of your interest that obviously your customers are looking for . The service is based on the delivery of direct and organic traffic coming from the most famous search engine : Google. The traffic sent (the people who will visit your site) are of the highest quality precisely because they come directly from Google, they have an excellent time spent on the site and a good conversion rate. (Usually 3/4 minutes, with a high number of pageviews and a very limited bounce rate).

How does the visit increase service on google work?

The Google visits increase service has the following advantages:

  • You choose the keywords you want
  • The cost per click is lower than Google adwords and google adv
  • Receive all Italian traffic, relevant to your page
  • With analytics you can see the quality and quantity of traffic
  • Time spent on page very high.
  • Service active since 2015 with absolute stability

How do you activate the Google visits increase service and what are the delivery times?

The increase direct Google visits service is easy to activate. You can choose up to 5 keywords that will allow you to have a specific target of users on your site. The web traffic received is totally relevant, this means that you will welcome interested users to your site. It is possible to monitor the service thanks to Google Analytics and view the number of visits that are sent to your site by Google on the statistics. The service always lasts one month and can be renewed from month to month if you deem it appropriate. We also use the service on our websites! Below we have shown an example of service statistics for our own site. As you can see, this is traffic of the highest quality, organic, relevant and interested in the website. The visits will be carried out within 30 days. It is possible to request other delivery times on request. It is advisable to keep the service active at least 3/4 months with a minimum of 5000 visits per month as doing so in addition to direct visits you also get light benefits of positioning your website for the keywords indicated.  

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