How to hide online status on Facebook Messenger

If you are reading this guide it is because you use a lot Facebook Messenger to chat with your contacts, it is an application associated with Facebook that allows you to send text messages, call and video calling from any mobile device.

When you use Facebook Messenger you will have noticed that the contacts online at that precise moment are shown, characterized by a green dot placed in the image, the same thing happens with you when others connect.

But a very common problem is always staying online on Facebook Messenger even after closing the application on your smartphone, this can lead to misunderstandings or make you believe that you are online when in reality you are not that's it.

This is a problem that affects thousands of people who find themselves having to explain their status on Facebook every day.

Furthermore, the perpetually online status can also be seen as an invasion of privacy, which is why it is better to intervene and hide it, let's find out how.


The problem of constant online status even after closing Facebook and Facebook Messenger occurs mainly from mobile devices, many believe they make some mistakes in closing but in reality it is not the user's fault.

By default Facebook Messenger is configured to always stay online because, obviously, being an application designed to chat and share moments with other people, it couldn't be otherwise.

But if you don't have this kind of need and you also happened to have a discussion about your online status even when you weren't really logged in on Facebook, then read on and we'll explain how to hide your online status.

The main problem occurs above all from smartphones, since from the computer just open Facebook, click the wheel icon at the bottom right and choose the item Deactivate the activity status.

At this point the possible options are different:

  • Turn off activity status for all contacts
  • Turn off the activity state for all contacts except
  • Turn off activity status for some contacts only

Choosing the first option will hide the status of your activity from all contacts, which means that it will not be online for anyone; the second option allows you to disable the online status for all contacts except for some people chosen manually and the third option, similar to the second, allows you to hide the activity status only from some contacts selected manually from the list.


It happens frequently to close the Facebook Messenger application on smartphones and tablets and to find yourself constantly online, the first step to solve the problem is to understand why it happens.

To deactivate the online status, it is not enough to close the app by pressing the Home button of the smartphone, in fact, in this way the Facebook Messenger application is not closed in the correct way and the consequence is that the user will always be online .

How many times have you pressed the Home button thinking about closing the app? Surely you do it daily, a similar argument can also apply to the other apps that you have installed on your device and that you close following this procedure, it does not mean that they will actually be closed.

The solution to deactivate Facebook Messenger online status from Android and iPhone is very simple:

  • Open the Facebook messenger application
  • Click on the Address Book icon
  • Click on the Active tab
  • Move the cursor over your username to deactivate your online status

In this way, even after closing the app using the Home button, it will no longer appear online on Facebook Messenger.


Another operation to do to further raise the level of privacy and not let your contacts know when you have been online is to hide the time of the last access made on Facebook Messenger.

If you try to open the chat, whether from a PC or a smartphone, you will notice that some contacts indicate the time of the last time you were online, Facebook does not indicate the exact time but does know approximately how many minutes or hours have passed.

If some contacts do not show the last access, it means that they have decided to perform the procedure we are about to explain.

Connect to the Facebook Messegner application and click on the icon at the top right representing your profile picture, at this point you will have to click on Activity status , you will notice the lever moved to the right which means that it is active.

Turning it to the left will deactivate the online activity status and the information on the last access, which means that no contact will know when you were last connected, but be careful, by deactivating this option, not even you will be able to see anymore. when your contacts were last online.

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