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How to find out which photos your friends have liked on Facebook

Do you use Facebook a lot? Is it your favorite social network by far? So, surely you will spend a lot of time between feeds and profiles, did you know that you can find out which photos your Facebook friends liked ?

If you are very curious and want to know the social activity of the people you know, in particular, to know how they behave and interact, you can take advantage of some possibilities offered by Facebook that will show you all their likes on posts , photos and stories.

Not just friends, there are some other people's activities that can be seen because they are totally public, especially for example the likes you put on Facebook pages.

Likes posted on posts, photos, pages, profiles of people and groups, if these are public content they can be seen even if the person is not part of your list of Facebook friends .

If you think this is a difficult operation to do, you're wrong, you'll see that with just a few steps you can see all the likes of your friends on Facebook on photos, videos and stories.

First we will see how to use the internal search engine of the social network to search for the likes of friends, then we will show you some browser extensions useful to achieve this.

How to see the likes on Facebook of your friends from the internal search engine

The first method we want to talk to you about is the one that uses Facebook's internal search engine to discover the activities of friends and people on the social network, in case the latter have interacted on public posts.

What to do? Log in to Facebook and go to the profile of the person whose likes you want to discover and obtain the personal ID.

What is the ID? An identification code associated with each Facebook profile , with this it is possible to use the search engine to find the activities of a person on the social network.

In this case you will be able to see the likes that the person has put on posts, photos, videos, stories, ect ... This is a fairly simple and immediate process.

Not sure how to trace the ID of your Facebook friend? You can take advantage of the site Find Your Facebook ID , in the appropriate field it is sufficient paste the URL of his profile and click on the Find Numeric ID button, a page with the user ID of the chosen person will be displayed.

With this operation you are practically half done! In fact, now you just have to insert the user ID in the following links, pasting it in place of the "ID" item.

View liked posts


View the photos you like


View your liked videos


View liked pages


In case these links don't work leading to a redirect on the main Facebook page, you will have to try to temporarily change the language of the social network to English.

Once this is done, you should be able to open the aforementioned links and see the interactions of the chosen friend on the various contents on Facebook.

Like on public pages

It is also possible to know the likes that a person puts on public pages , but in this case the user must be part of his friends within Facebook and must have set the privacy Publish in the likes section on Facebook pages.

To view this type of information you need to type the person's name in the Facebook search bar and then press Enter, after identifying the person, click on Information present in his profile, scroll down to see the Like section.

These procedures can be performed from the browser via pc and smartphone and tablet, but it is not possible to perform them from the official applications.

So, if you want to do these steps on your smartphone, you will need to launch a browser app like Chrome, type in the Facebook address, log in and follow the procedure we have described.

Browser extension

If you don't want to carry out this procedure but are looking for a more immediate solution, you can count on some browser extensions to find likes on Facebook.

Advanced Search For Facebook (Chrome)

If the browser you use most is Chrome then you can speed up the procedure for seeing someone's likes on Facebook by installing this free extension and very easy to use.

After installing it, simply visit the Facebook profile of the person whose likes you want to find out, then click on the ASF icon at the top right of the toolbar browser tools and then choose Add profile , in order to allow the add-on to detect the user ID of the profile.

After carrying out this step, scrolling the extension box, simply select the button of interest to view the likes of the contents, in detail:

Specifically, you will find the following entries:

  • Photos Liked by (name)
  • Videos Liked by (name)
  • Posts Liked buy (name)
  • Pages Liked by (name)

If you want to check the like of another person, you must first click on the Remove Profile button in order to make the extension forget the previous profile and insert a new one .

Secret Revealer for Facebook (Firefox)

If, on the other hand, you use Mozilla Firefox you could use the extension Secret Revelaer For Facebook , another equally functional free solution to see the likes that a person has put on Facebook.

After installing, go to the profile of interest within the social network, click on the extension icon at the top of the browser bar.

Click on Reveals user ID Profile and then on Reveals liked Images , if you want to see which pictures the user in question has liked.

The information you will be able to view is public, which is why using these extensions will not violate any privacy of your Facebook friends.

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