How to view Instagram Stories secretly and anonymously

Trying to view Instagram stories secretly and anonymously is one thing, which for one reason or another, we have all tried to do.

The reasons are many and different, among the most frequent ones there is the not wanting the ex-boyfriend to notice that her stories are displayed, but also to be discovered by a friend with whom you no longer speak , ect…

There is no setting on Instagram that allows you to "browse incognito" among the stories posted by other users, but it is still possible to view Instagram stories secretly and anonymously, let's see how.

You can break down the limit imposed by Instagram through some third-party solutions, such as certain browser extensions and some smartphone apps.

How to view stories on Instagram without being seen by your PC

To view the stories on Instagram without being seen by the PC you can use browser extensions, thanks to which you can download the contents of the Instagram stories on your PC and view them without the users who created them know this.

How to view Instagram Stories secretly with IG Stories for Instagram (Chrome)

IG Stories for Instagram is a very effective solution to view Instagram stories incognito and therefore anonymously, it is a completely free extension available for the Google Chrome browser.

The extension works in an easy way: you just need to access your Instagram account from Chrome, then click on the extension icon in the browser and then click on the button that allows you to download the contents of the story on your computer. But first you need to download the extension .

To download IG Stories , you must first start the Google Chrome browser , then connect to the Chrome Web Store that hosts the extension and click on Add and on Add extension , here you have completed the procedure and installed IG Stories for Instagram.

The next step is to log into your Instagram account by clicking on the extension icon located at the top right and clicking on the Go to IG Stories button in the box that appears on the screen.

A page will open where you need to click on the eye icon next to the username of the person we are interested in viewing.

By following this procedure it is therefore possible to view a person's story without them knowing.

You can even download it locally by pressing the Download or Download all buttons. This is a simple and effective solution. But there are others.

How to view stories on Instagram incognito with Story Saver for Instagram

An application that allows you to secretly see the stories created by Instagram users is Story Saver for Instagram . This is a completely free solution for Android that allows you to save Instagram Stories made by other users.

Simply log into your Instagram account, choose the story you want to view and save the content in it, by clicking on the appropriate button.

Before doing this you need to download Story Saver for Instagram on your device , start the app by tapping the Open button or pressing on its icon and log in from your Instagram account. Then tap on the Sign in with Instagram button and enter your login credentials in the text fields e-mail / username and password.

Once logged in, Story Saver for Instagram displays the stories that users you follow have recently made. If you simply want to view a story (without saving it), press the name of the user who published it, view and long tap on the preview of the content in order to view it in full screen.

If you want to save a story instead, press on the name of the user who published it so as to view it, tap on the preview of the content and press the box that appears at Save screen to save its contents to your device.

Saving Instagram Stories on iOS

Those who use an iPhone can view Instagram stories without being seen using the Story Stalker for Instagram app, which allows you to view the contents of the stories incognito.

It is also possible to download its contents locally. Of course the name already speaks volumes about the function. Let's see how it works.

You need to install and start Story Stalker , you have to press the Next button twice in a row, then you have to tap the buttons < strong> Lets Start! and Login with Instagram and log into your Instagram account. Once logged in, you must tap on the profile photo of the user you want to view.

In this way, you can see all the contents of the story and, if desired, you can also download them: simply tap on the cloud icon with the arrow pointing down. This is also a quick and easy way to sneak stories.

Other ways to view Instagram Stories incognito

Alternative solutions are also available which consist of creating a second account to be used to view the stories incognito. The second Instagram account must be added to the Instagram app installed on the smartphone or PC.

If you look at this solution, be careful not to create an account that can be easily traced. If you are naïve you risk being discovered, so create a profile totally different from yours.

In conclusion

Even if not provided in the Instagram settings, it is possible to view and also save, via other avenues, the Instagram stories secretly and anonymously . These are safe solutions, which guarantee anonymity and avoid the risk of being discovered.

Always remember that just as you can, others, in turn, can view your stories incognito without you knowing, so if you don't want to let too much be known about you, avoid sharing information you don't want. reach certain people.

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