Should you switch to the corporate Instagram profile?

If you're using Instagram for work, you've probably already asked yourself this: should I switch to a business profile?
What are the benefits of switching to an Instagram business profile?

In this article you will find out if a personal Instagram profile or a corporate Instagram account is more right for you and how to create an Instagram business profile if you decide to change.

In early 2016, when Instagram first confirmed that it was testing new business profiles, everyone was eager to know what it was: how do they work? Are they free? Can I get one?
In July 2017, over 15 million businesses made the switch to an Instagram business profile !
With an Instagram business profile, businesses of any size can achieve analysis of their followers and posts, have a more professional profile and promote posts on Instagram as ads. While business profiles offer a host of advanced features, such as analytics and advertising, Instagram personal profiles are much simpler - you get all the basic features without any extra baggage.

That said, there are two features that are exclusive to PERSONAL INSTAGRAM PROFILES:
1. Private Account
While Instagram business accounts can't be set to private, personal accounts do.
Technically, you'd always set your account private if you were concerned that strangers would see your your posts, but if social media privacy is really important to you, then it's probably a good idea to stick to a personal Instagram profile.
2. Linking to multiple Facebook pages
A second exclusive feature of personal profiles is the ability to connect multiple Facebook pages. While Instagram business profiles can only connect to one Facebook profile, with a personal profile you can connect to as many Facebook pages as you want!

Personal profiles are all basic, while with i CORPORATE INSTAGRAM PROFILES you can access lots of advanced features, such as contact information, Instagram Insights and post promotion. Specifically, you have the possibility to use the following features:
1. Instagram Insights
One of Instagram's best business features is Insight. It is the application's integrated analysis tool that provides detailed information on who your followers are, when they are online and more. You can also view insights for specific Instagram posts and stories to see what results they've achieved and how people engage with them.
2. Instagram Ads
Instagram uses the same powerful advertising tools as Facebook, so you can set up, run and track your campaigns the same way you use Facebook advertisements.
3. Post promotion
Like Instagram ads, after setting up a business profile on Instagram, you can promote your posts within the app.
4. Contact Button
An Instagram business profile also includes a "Contact" button at the top of their profile. With the contact button, you have the option to include directions, a phone number and / or email address.
5. Add Links on Instagram Stories
Have you always wanted to add links to your Instagram Stories? Well now you can! Instagram is now allowing all corporate Instagram accounts with 10,000 or more followers to add links to Instagram Stories. Previously, this feature was only available for verified Instagram accounts.

Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons of both types of Instagram profiles:


1. Despite the lack of advanced features, personal profiles are refreshingly simple . No column charts, wheel charts, or popups asking you to promote your posts. If you don't intend to use any of the features that come with a business profile, it makes more sense to stick to your personal one.

2. A second possible benefit of using a personal profile is that you have more freedom to post what you like . This is especially important if you are a personality-based brand (like a blogger or Instagram influencer) and have personal and business content on your account.
Some fear that when they switch to a business profile, they will be labeled as " sponsored "or" inauthentic "and lose their organic brand identity. If you're really worried about appearing "less personal," it's probably best that you stick with a personal Instagram profile.


1. Most of the benefits of switching to an Instagram business profile are rooted in users' ability to know and connect with their followers.
Take Instagram's Insights feature, for example. The simple ability to track impressions, reach and engagement from the mobile app is extremely useful for businesses! That said, there are other Instagram analytics tools, including Later's Free's free Instagram feature.

2. One of the biggest benefits of an Instagram business page is the ability to add links to Instagram Stories (if you have more than 10,000 followers) . This is a big Instagram trend right now and it can help you grow your email list, sell products, generate traffic, and more!

3. There's also the fact that business profiles can run Instagram ads, which are a very effective way for businesses to generate sales and engage. In fact, according to a recent report from Locowise, 75% of Instagram users act, like visiting a website or making a purchase, after watching an Instagram ad!

The winner? Instagram company profile!

What makes personal profiles so simple and straightforward for non-commercial users is also what makes them so unsuitable for businesses. In fact, the biggest drawback of sticking with a personal profile on Instagram is the fact that you miss out on so many awesome features !
The thing is, if you're using Instagram to reach out to some sort marketing goal, whether it's increase followers, drive engagement or even make sales, it's a much better idea to use a profile Corporate.
As an Instagram business with clear marketing goals, the benefits of switching to a business profile far outweigh the negatives!
Plus, at the end of the day, you can always go back to a personal profile from a business profile if you decide you don't like the features.
Taking 30 minutes / hour to schedule Instagram posts for the whole week beyond it will make your life less stressful, but it will also leave you more time to interact ire with your Instagram community, which is so important if your goal with Instagram marketing is to make sales or generate leads.

HOW TO GO TO AN INSTAGRAM COMPANY ACCOUNT: < br /> Now that you're up to date on the benefits of Instagram business profiles, it's time to make the switch! Fortunately, switching to an Instagram business account is actually very simple and can be done within the mobile app:
Go to your profile and tap the "gear" icon.
Tap "Switch to business profile".
Select the Facebook page you want to link to your business account Instagram. If you don't see your business's Facebook page as an option, make sure you're listed as an administrator in the settings menu. When the correct Facebook page appears, select it and tap "Next".
Make sure your profile is public. Private accounts cannot switch to corporate accounts.
On the "Set up your business profile" page, check your company's contact information, including your phone number, physical address, and e-mail. Once everything looks good, tap "Done" to save your Instagram business account settings.
Now that your business account is set up, your customers can contact you directly via your profile. You can also view Follower Insights and promote your posts, all within the app!

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