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How to manage multiple accounts on Instagram and social networks?

With Instagram it is possible to use multiple accounts directly from the official application without having to use third-party apps, with the risk of putting your credentials in danger.

After several updates, today the official Instagram app allows you to add up to five accounts with the ability to manage multiple pages in total comfort.

What does that mean? That it is possible to open more than one Instagram account and then manage them all from the same application without having special skills, it will only take a few minutes to understand the mechanism and take advantage of this functionality.

How to add multiple accounts on Instagram

To facilitate the usability of the service even for less experienced users, Instagram has decided to make the procedure very simple, once you open the application, just go to your profile at the bottom right, then at the top right you will find the settings icon characterized by the gear.

After logging into the Settings , scrolling the page, at the bottom you will find the "add account" item, making a tap you will be able to enter your Instagram login credentials.

This operation can be repeated up to five times, so that you have five accounts to access in a simple and intuitive way.

If you want to see the notifications of individual accounts, go to the profile page and select the account from the available list.

Which account to use?

After adding all the multiple accounts on Instagram , are you wondering which one to choose to use at a given moment and you don't know how?

After opening the application, go to the profile page, at the top you will find your name with a down arrow, by tapping on it, a drop-down menu will open from which you can choose which of the multiple accounts to use .

Before carrying out the publication of posts, images and videos it is always necessary to check that you are using the right Instagram account, this to avoid posting wrong content in the various accounts, with the risk of finding personal photos in work accounts.

How to delete multiple Instagram accounts?

After understanding how to insert multiple accounts on Instagram, let's see how you can delete them in case you no longer want to use one or more than one.

This is a fairly simple process that takes only a few seconds: go to the profile page and click on the Settings symbol at the top right, at the bottom of the page that opens, you will find two options.

The first allows you to delete multiple Instagram accounts individually , to do so just choose the item "quit" and choose the account to delete.

In case you want to delete all multiple accounts from Instagram , just choose the item "Log out of all accounts" , after confirming, the Instagram account will be virgin again.

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Why isn't it convenient to use third-party applications to use multiple Instagram accounts?

On the various Stores it is possible to download applications dedicated to Instagram that allow the management of multiple accounts at the same time, some solutions are free and others for a fee, the latter offer possibilities major.

Why is it better to avoid using them and take advantage of Instagram's multiple accounts option? Since they are third-party applications, the management of their personal data is entrusted to subjects whose origin is not well known nor how they manage the data.

Consequently, privacy protection could be compromised or in any case not as high as it happens with the official app, which is why it is always better to rely on original products .

How to view the last access of the accounts?

After talking about the possibility of managing many accounts on a single Instagram profile , let's find out how you can view the last access.

Please note that it is only possible to know the last access of contacts with whom we have exchanged private messages or DMs.

It takes very little: go to the direct messages folder by swiping to the left or clicking on the paper airplane icon, you will immediately notice the access time of all users with whom you have exchanged messages.

After some time, the timetable disappears to make room for more generic messages such as "active today" or "active yesterday".

How to hide the last login on Instagram?

Those who particularly care about privacy and do not want to see the last login on the social network, can hide it through a simple procedure.

To do this, go to Settings , scroll down the page until you find “show activity status” and then deactivate by moving the switch to the left.

A very simple procedure that allows you to further protect your privacy.

How to manage multiple social network accounts at the same time?

If you have different social network accounts and you want a tool to manage them all with ease, you can take advantage of Hootsuite , a platform that simplifies research, programming, management and reporting.

You can always keep your social accounts active 24 hours a day, thanks to the automatic scheduling of hundreds of posts at the same time from all the various social networks.

A very useful tool especially for companies that want to manage all available channels with a single platform with intuitive graphics and detailed reports.

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