How to use Instagram anonymously

Instagram is used by millions of users and you will surely have among your followers people you do not want to know that you are visiting their profile, continue reading I'll explain how to use Instagram anonymously and preserve your identity.

One of the most sought after tricks for Instagram is to be able to view Stories anonymously , without being seen, if you are wondering if this is possible, the answer is yes.

There are several methods to hide your name from the list of people who have viewed an Instagram Story, or, to cancel the view after watching it, I'll explain how.


The first possibility is offered to us by the Instagram Web , the browser and PC version of the social network, to be able to view someone's story anonymously you need to add a extension to Google Chrome: Chrome IG Story.

After you add it, log into Instagram and log into your account, make sure there is a staring eye icon above the Stories feed indicating that anonymous viewing is active.

This way your name will never appear in the list of users who have viewed the story; if you are using an Android device , you can try the Story Saver app, very easy to use which allows you to access your Instagram account directly from the app and view the stories anonymously.

If you are a user with Apple device , you can download the Story Reposter application, after installation just type the name of the person whose Story you want to view anonymously and you don't necessarily need to be his followers.


In addition to viewing Instagram Stories completely anonymously, it is also possible to delete a view that has already been made.

The method is quite simple: open the Instagram app and then go to the profile of the user whose story you have viewed, press the icon with the 3 dots and then choose Block and confirm to block the user.

By blocking the person they won't find your name under the list of who has viewed the Instagram story, but if you unblock them they will be able to see it again, what's the catch?

Block the person until the 24 hours of the duration of the Instagram Stories have elapsed, after it will self-delete, you can unblock it again and it will not notice that you have gone to browse through her stories.


You will know that Instagram does not allow downloading photos and videos directly from the application, so the fastest way to save content is to take a screenshot.

It is possible to take screenshots of photos and videos without particular problems, but as for the Stories , the person will receive a notification and will know that you have photographed the Story of her .

Taking photos and videos of others is not in line with Instagram's privacy policy , so if you decide to do so, you assume full responsibility. We recommend that you contact the user to ask for permission to use a photo or video of him and name the source.

A site that allows you to download photos and videos online from both Facebook and Instagram is DownloadGram, it's enough copy the link of the photo or video and paste it in the bar, then click on Download and the content will be downloaded to your device or PC.

Another method to have anonymous photos, videos and Stories without the user knowing is to use another phone and take a photo of the screen , in this way you will be sure of have the content without running the risk of letting the user who posted it know.


If you want to download a photo from Instagram directly from your computer you can follow a procedure that may seem difficult, but in reality these are easily understandable steps.

First, log in to your Instagram account directly from your PC, in this way you can access the photos of your feed and those of your contacts.

Find the photo you want to save and enter the name of the user who posted the photo after the Instagram address, then http: // instagram. com / xxxx , open the photo you want to save and then click on the icon with the 3 dots and on View photo page.

Right-click on Inspect element and find the image link in the string http: // up to .jpg.

Select the string and paste it in the address bar of the browser and press ENTER , the user's photo will appear on the screen, it can be saved as any photo you find in ride on the internet.

So just click with the right mouse button on the image and then choose "Save image as" and save on your PC.

This method allows you to download as many photos as you want directly to your pc, but what about the videos?

The method is very similar, after opening a video of interest and clicking on Inspect page , you need to find the link of the video in the appropriate string, after which it will be enough paste it into one of the many software to download Instagram videos, or use a free online service such as download free Instagram videos .


Using Instagram anonymously is possible thanks to several tricks designed to not disclose your identity when we want to view content and stories of other users without letting them know.

There are also several ways to get secret photos, videos and Stories downloads, thanks to specific software and dedicated online services.

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