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Reviews written in english by english users on Google provide important information about your business for you and your customers. Reviews appear next to your listing in Maps and Search and can help your business stand out on Google. The reviews are only useful if they are honest and objective and with our english Google reviews service, you can increase the reputation of your business in a short time! Our service guarantees 100% real reviews delivered with guaranteed delivery of what you buy.

What does the Google reviews increase service include?

The Google Review Increase Service includes:

  • Increase by a certain number of Google reviews written in english

  • Provide you the texts to be published in english

  • Users active and 100% real and english, no risk and lots of promotion

  • Number phone available at +39 055.7478543

  • Increase guaranteed rating and greater visibility

What are the delivery times for Google reviews and how does the service work?

The english Google reviews are delivered in one day of service, regardless of the number of reviews ordered. If you want a different timing, you should contact us before placing your order to see if it will be possible to satisfy the request. (If the Google listing currently starts with a good number of reviews, it will receive reviews faster than a listing that has a number of low of english reviews).

The service will start after 2-3 days from the date of payment. When a business receives 5 or more reviews, it is given a score. The number of stars that Google reviews will have on your web page will always be positive, i.e. aimed at increasing the average rating of your reviews. What Magic Viral does and what we believe to be a unique and high-performance service is to analyze the average rating and the number of reviews, and based on this to establish how many stars yours will have. For example, if a page has an average rating of 2 stars with 10 reviews, the first reviews that will arrive to your page will be 3 stars, then 4 and finally 5 stars , to have a gradual increase and of course, good for your fan page audience. If a page already has 4 stars we will deliver all english 5-star Google reviews . In any case, your ranking will improve.

You can send us the texts of the reviews written in english through our form in the cart. If you forget, you will be contacted after your purchase.

We can also send reviews without text, with only positive evaluation, always to keep the service as safe and natural as possible in the eyes of Google.



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