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Have you ever heard of Spotify ? It is the most famous music streaming service in the world that allows you to access thousands of music tracks (Italian and international and from any era) from computers, smartphones and tablets (and not only) without having to buy songs or albums individually. >.

For every artist it is important to be on spotify because it allows you to get a visibility like Youtube and perhaps beyond because those who use spotyfi also listen to the usual song several times. Increasing the plays on spotify, therefore means receiving an excellent boost on a commercial level. Are your Spoify tracks not reaching the number of plays you would like? The Spotify play increase service allows you to get thousands of interested views to your video right away. All views are obtained with premium accounts and allow your video to reach excellent visibility.

What does the International Spotify Play service include?

The play spotify purchase service includes:

  • Plays of your constant track
  • Safe and certified visits, only 100% real users
  • Activation in 2/3 days
  • Can be used to increase your royalties.
  • Guarantee of the result, you will reach the expected goal in a short time
  • 100% confidential and anonymous.
  • Telephone assistance (+39 055.7478543) or assistance via chat

What are the delivery and activation times for the play spotify service?

Once you have purchased the service, one of our technicians will start preparing the promotion which will be active within 2/3 days. The Italian plays will begin to arrive at your song gradually and you will reach the expected goal in no time. You will be able to see the play counter which gradually increases. Spotify randomly updates the counters that sometimes even if the promotion is in progress could be blocked but even if this happens after 4/5 days from the start of the promotion the real plays purchased will be visible online . The service is guaranteed and all plays purchased will be sent to the video however we guarantee the play spotify service and it is not certain that every play must also match a listern as people often listen to a song multiple times.

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