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There are many online competitions especially after the advent of social networks. It is often easy to participate in these contests but it is not easy to win them. There are contests that allow you to win small prizes such as mobile phone top-ups or discount coupons, others that provide the winner with most important prizes such as mobile phones, others that are so important that they have cars or participation in television programs as prizes but all are based on votes, a measurable amount of votes. We at Magicviral thanks to a huge email database are able to help you win these contests!

Not all votes to win contests are the same, however, there are contests in which the competitor who posted the most shared photo wins, others in which the most viewed video wins, still others that require the registration of people to a website to vote or a high number of likes, so even if we can help you win these contests, each case is different from another and must be evaluated.

vincere contest online

  • What can you do for me to help me win?
    We can help you win the contest you want by sending votes, to do so you need to contact us and explain what you want us to do. (example like on a photo, watching a video, sharing a post, registering on the site and voting, downloading an app and voting, or other operations
  • What can you not guarantee?
    We cannot guarantee that if we help you win a contest you will win it 105%! In these contests there are many participants and many variables. We don't know for example how your opponent will behave. For example, if you are participating in a contest that rewards the photo that receives the most likes and you buy 1000 likes towards the photo but your opponent receives 1050, we will have done our job anyway but you will lose the contest.
  • What can you guarantee?
    We can guarantee our service and the delivery of the same within the agreed time. We know that the timing in the competitions is important so we will do our best to respect them. We guarantee you our total discretion and your complete anonymity! 


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