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For over 10 years now Youtube is one of the most visited websites in the world , for many users posting videos on youtube has become a real and his work, the figure of the Youtuber has now become very popular in various sectors. Thanks to the introduction of ADS (advertising) youtube manages to monetize the huge web traffic and allows any registered user to promote their video . The ADS allow you to sponsor the desired video , perhaps before a very famous song or in the queue of a very popular artist, thus allowing you to get thousands of views even for the sponsored video.

The type of ADS in-display allows youtube to place a "sponsor" video in the preview of popular videos and in the list prior to recommended videos, getting the maximum attention from the user potentially interested and consequently increasing the views.

What does the Youtube Views ADS purchase service include?

The Youtube Views ADS Service includes:

  • Viral service that includes visits from both smartphones and PCs
  • Guaranteed increase of youtube views
  • Safe and certified visits, only 100% real users.
  • Immediate activation 24/7!
  • Guarantee of the result, you will reach the expected goal in no time
  • Telephone assistance (+39 055.7478543) or assistance via chat

What are the delivery and activation times for the Youtube Views ADS service and how does it work?

If you want to increase the visits of your video through the native platform of Google / Youtube Ads it's easy, just place the order with a click and enter the link of the video you want to sponsor in the notes field. Make sure the link is correct, the service will be activated as soon as possible within 2/3 days . By finalizing the purchase of the Youtube ADS visit increase service, you will immediately receive formal confirmation of your successful purchase by email. Once the service is activated, the youtube statistics may take longer to return the updated data, so you don't have to worry if you don't see the real statistical data from the first hours. The service is valid on videos that do not have restrictions on the age factor and geographical location of the region / state. The video will be shown on both Youtube and Google partner sites in an advertisement format. If the user will view the ad, after 7 seconds he will have the possibility to skip it and not see it at all, but the view will be calculated and liquidated only if the user in question decides to continue watching the video, this will allow you to have an excellent rating for the visits acquired. In addition to obtaining an immediate advantage from the increase of Youtube views ADS , you will keep a positive feedback even after the service is finished, in fact, the results are long-lasting and effective over time.

It is possible to contact the number +39 055.7478543 for any further information.

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